Going to church is a really important factor in a student’s spiritual development. It gives them a place to learn about God, get some tools to grow closer to Him, and experience authentic community with other students and adults who care about them. Church is an important place.
Yet where a kid’s spiritual development is concerned, it’s not the MOST important place.

Before we explain any more about our ministry, we want to make sure one thing is super clear.
So here it is: we believe that, in any student's life, and especially where their spiritual development is concerned, what happens at home is more important than what happens at church.

Here's the key: no matter what, a student's parents (not their church) will always be the biggest influence on their lives in every way - including spiritually. So if the church wants to impact students spiritually, doesn't it make sense for the church to try to partner with the most powerful, influential people in those students' lives in order to make that happen?

We use the term "partner" for a reason. It's because we believe parents and the church need each other. The church needs parents to be actively engaged with their kid's spiritual growth, because they're ultimately the biggest influencers of their own children. And parents need the local church, because their kids need to learn about and experience God within a whole community of believers!

A parent's influence is best realized in partnership with church. 

A church's influence is best realized in partnership with parents.

We need each other! And that is the heart behind everything we do here!

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