who we are

We are a community, a family, a ministry made up of 9-12th-grade students. We live to celebrate and be a part of something greater than ourselves: how Jesus is transforming the lives of people.
We just happen to live that out in a ministry for and by high school students. God is on a mission for more and better disciples of Jesus - therefore so are we. 

how we do this

Celebrating in Community
We champion what Jesus desires to do in students' lives. We celebrate the wins. Loudly. 

Vulnerable Relationships
We want to be open and real with one another. We follow Jesus together and learn from one another.

Outward Facing Lifestyle
We care about our community, our schools and our world.
We are doing church outside the walls of a building.

Having Fun
We know that the best memories that last a lifetime are the ones shared with others.

Leadership Opportunities
We believe in building leaders: Both students and adults who use their gifts to serve others.