*Life Groups will be on break starting December 5th and will resume January 16th


Life Groups are the heartbeat of HSM. We hope these become your family, within a family. During the school year, small groups of students and leaders meet to eat food, pray for one another, discover how the Bible applies to their everyday lives and build friendships that exist well-beyond the walls of a building. It's a time to get together and have honest conversation and encourage one another and be encouraged. We have a group already waiting for you!




Where do life groups happen and what time?
- Most of our groups meet on wednesday nights at Canyon Hills from 7-8:30pm. Though we will have a few groups this year that meet at different locations or on different days. If you see a day or time that doesn't work for you, you can contact us on the registration page, we are always wanting to add new groups.

Who would be in my Life Group?
- Like anything we do, we seek to honor friend requests and place you in a group you want to be in. Groups are single gender (so guy groups and girls groups) and usually broken down by grade. We do give students the freedom though to join a friend's group if they are a different grade (within reason, sorry, no freshmen joining the senior group). Usually, we will suggest a group to start with if you don't know anyone, if that group isn't a good fit we will folllow up with you and find one that is.

If I don't know who my leaders are yet? How do I find out?
- Actually pretty easy: There will be pictures of them on the registration page and for students who were in LG last year (even in middle school) you will be getting a call from that leader to welcome you to the group. Before you ever register!

What do we do? You know, like, what do we "talk about" in HSM Life Groups?
- Life Group discussion is based upon the sermons in HSM Sunday. Same topic and scripture. This creates two things: 1. A connection between Sundays and Wednesdays but more importantly a connection between hearing and doing. It's a chance to ask questions, be honest about what you don't understand or agree with and be lead in figuring out how it applies to your everyday life.

What happens once I register?
- Two things happen. The first is that we will send you, (via the email you provided) all the info on your group, when it starts etc. Second, if you hadn't already, the group leader will get in contact with you. Let you know who they are and help you feel connected right away and answer any questions you have. They'll remind you of when they meet and give instructions on anything to bring.

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