Wednesday morning

Hey everyone, we hope that you've been enjoying the videos, pictures and posts.  Getting them done out on the field sometimes isn't the easiest but we'll continue to try our best. 

The team will be heading out about 9 to their ministry sites again and continue to do construction in the morning and then VBS at the mission and church in the afternoon. This evening we will go back to the church and mission to worship with them during their midweek service.

We've been blessed by way cooler weather (thanks for praying) even sprinkled a little on the drive home.  The roofing team really loved the cloud cover yesterday.  

We haven't had any major issues medically, only the normal bumps, upset tummies and scrapes.  Everyone's been doing good on water, sunscreen, eating and sleep! As the week goes on, pray for endurance and stamina. When those are in good order it's way easier for the team to serve effectively! 

Just as important, the team has been such a family to each other with everyone getting along and serving, praying for each other at times without leader prompting and truly caring for each other.  

It's been such a blessing for me to hear during our testimony times the work that God is doing in students hearts through the work and the relationships they are forming with the Mexican people. We want God to continue to grow and stretch us as we serve and glorify Him!

Thank you so much for your prayers and support.  We love you all!

Pastor Matt and Team Mexico.